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Saturday, 05.09.2020   16:20-17:15  Central European Summer Time (CEST)   Online
Teaching liberation
Blane Abercrombie, Nicola O`Brien, Riley J. Taylor, Aga Trzak, Liz Tyson

Agnes Trzak, the editor of "Teaching Liberation: Essays on Social Justice, Animals, Veganism, and Education", hosts a panel discussing the volume. Together with four contributors to the book they share their experiences and methods on communicating and advocating for animal and human liberation through education in a variety of contexts.

Riley J. Taylor for Teaching Liberation
Key worker and social justice activist Riley J. Taylor provides an intimate look into her work accompanying autistic youth in their school lives. Riley tells us about the effects poverty and disability have upon her students` freedom of choice and autonomy. She reminds us that the popular vegan slogan "you have a choice" does not actually always apply and emphasizes, that as mentors, we are not free from our identities and beliefs. Riley`s panel contribution is a reminder that the language we use and the dialogue strategies we apply must be audience-led, critically engaged and guiding rather than prescribing.

Blane Abercrombie for Teaching Liberation
As a sports researcher Blane Abercrombie, gives us an insight into the learning and teaching of hard sciences as well as navigating bodybuilding culture and the toxic masculinity and carnism it is connected to. Blane analyzes the masculinity of bodybuilding culture and its link to the consumption of animal protein by applying a feminist critique of gendered food habits. Presenting anecdotes from his own experience with the resistance to animal liberation and women`s accessibility to the sport of bodybuilding as well as academic sciences, Blane uses his time on the panel to appeal to us to do away with the oppressive and carnist nature of sports and academia alike.

Liz Tyson And Nicola O`Brien for Teaching Liberation
Director of the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary, Liz Tyson, and Freedom for Animals Campaigns Director, Nicola O`Brien, critically engage with the pedagogical value of zoos. Both women share their urgent work on debunking commonly accepted "truths" about zoos by analyzing industry rhetoric that upholds pedagogical myths. They draw on their own experience of visiting zoos and bearing witness to the cruelty endured by the animals held captive there. Their panel contribution gives any teacher, parent or guardian the tools to uncover and address how zoos perpetuate a not only speciesist ideology to our children, but also one that is based on racist and capitalist exploitation.




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