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List of Presentations/Workshops/Discussions

Please note that this list is far from complete yet and that there will still be many changes and additions in the next weeks.

"Are you a climate vegan?" - the environment, a matter of intersectionality
PRESENTATION Jo Dirix Thursday, 08.09.2016  17:30-18:20  Room A
"Giving up animal products results in a poor diet"
The promotion of meat and dairy consumption in the Estonian nutrition recommendations
PRESENTATION Kadri Aavik Friday, 09.09.2016  10:00-10:50  Room A
"Tails" from the trenches
PRESENTATION Indra Lahiri Friday, 09.09.2016  14:30-15:20  Room A
A case for campaigns: Reflections on vegan outreach and purity politics
PRESENTATION Jake Conroy Friday, 09.09.2016  11:00-11:50  Room A
Activism - dealing with limited time and resources - be active and be effective
PRESENTATION Jaqueline Herth-Sanders Saturday, 10.09.2016  10:00-10:50  Room B
Animal liberation and climate justice: Interconnections and alliances
PRESENTATION Friederike Schmitz Friday, 09.09.2016  17:30-18:20  Room A
Animal rescue in Brazil`s largest enviro disaster: efforts, challenges and responsibilities
PRESENTATION George Guimaraes Thursday, 08.09.2016  18:30-19:20  Room A
Animal resistance, solidarity, and liberation
PRESENTATION Justin Kay, Amanda Schemkes Friday, 09.09.2016  15:30-16:20  Room A
Are we animals or cyborgs?
PRESENTATION Susan Roberts Saturday, 10.09.2016  12:00-12:50  Room B
Awakening Compassion - a positive vegan outreach
PRESENTATION Beata Ciupinska Friday, 09.09.2016  14:30-15:20  Room B
Back to the roots: we need non-violent direct action and confrontational campaigns!
PRESENTATION Martin Balluch Thursday, 08.09.2016  15:00-15:50  Room B
Beyond sanctuaries and rescue
DISCUSSION Ruth Hawe Saturday, 10.09.2016  17:00-17:50  Room C
Big picture strategy for an animal-free food system
DISCUSSION Jacy Reese Saturday, 10.09.2016  16:00-16:50  Room C
Civil disobedience for the animals
PRESENTATION Martin Smedjeback Sunday, 11.09.2016  11:00-11:50  Room A
Communicating on Facebook without losing your mind
PRESENTATION Tobias Leenaert Saturday, 10.09.2016  17:00-17:50  Room B
Considering the voiceless, it`s time we talked fish.
PRESENTATION Wietse van der Werf Saturday, 10.09.2016  18:00-18:50  Room B
EA pros and cons
DISCUSSION Saturday, 10.09.2016  12:00-13:20  Room A
Ecofeminism: bitches and bollox
PRESENTATION Lisa Kemmerer Friday, 09.09.2016  16:30-17:20  Room A
Factory farming: The greatest crime of our time?
PRESENTATION Toni Shephard Sunday, 11.09.2016  10:00-10:50  Room A
Friday Morning Plenary
MORNING PLENARY Friday, 09.09.2016  09:00-09:50  Room A
From Activist to Terrorist
PRESENTATION Jake Conroy Sunday, 11.09.2016  13:00-13:50  Room A
From the margins to vegan options in Domino`s Pizza: The story behind the vegan revolution in Israel
PRESENTATION Chen Cohen Sunday, 11.09.2016  12:00-12:50  Room B
How to talk effectively with meat eaters
WORKSHOP Martin Smedjeback Friday, 09.09.2016  19:30-20:50  Room B
Hunt saboteurs, hunt violence and dealing with the authorities
PRESENTATION Alfie Moon Saturday, 10.09.2016  14:30-15:50  Room A
PRESENTATION Jose Valle Sunday, 11.09.2016  11:00-11:50  Room B
Launching a nationwide leafleting campaign: experiences from the first half year
PRESENTATION Lente de Rooy Thursday, 08.09.2016  16:00-16:50  Room A
Lunching with a pregan: Philosophy and anymal advocacy
PRESENTATION Lisa Kemmerer Thursday, 08.09.2016  15:00-15:50  Room A
Marxism, socialism and animal liberation
WORKSHOP Anne Marleen Schade Saturday, 10.09.2016  14:30-15:20  Room B
Meat, markets and misconceptions
PRESENTATION David Pedersen Friday, 09.09.2016  15:30-16:20  Room B
Media Workshop - reaching the big audience in an effective way
WORKSHOP Toby Schionning Friday, 09.09.2016  10:00-10:50  Room B
Meta-strategies: Why you can save many more animals with your wallet than with your plate
PRESENTATION Friday, 09.09.2016  12:00-13:20  Room A
Open Discussion Slot 2
DISCUSSION Friday, 09.09.2016  14:00-15:20  Room C
Open Discussion Slot 2
DISCUSSION Saturday, 10.09.2016  14:30-15:50  Room C
Open Discussion Slot 3
DISCUSSION Saturday, 10.09.2016  18:00-19:20  Room C
Perceptions and narratives of Arab, Muslim and Palestinian people in animal rights discourse
PRESENTATION Liz Tyson Thursday, 08.09.2016  19:30-20:20  Room A
Putting outreach to young people on the animal advocacy agenda
PRESENTATION Jens Tuider Friday, 09.09.2016  11:00-11:50  Room B
Reaching children with animal rights work
WORKSHOP Simon Anhut, Bettina Rehberg Thursday, 08.09.2016  17:30-18:20  Room B
Sanctuary yoga: Giving animals a good death & how we learn about ourselves
PRESENTATION Johnny Braz Sunday, 11.09.2016  10:00-10:50  Room B
Saturday Morning Plenary
MORNING PLENARY Dave Du Toit Saturday, 10.09.2016  09:00-09:50  Room A
Screening of "Jutro bedzie futro" - Polish documentary movie about the fur industry with Q&A
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Martyna Kozlowska Thursday, 08.09.2016  18:30-20:20  Room B
Self-determination and an autonomous life: the basic right for nonhuman animals
PRESENTATION Martin Balluch Friday, 09.09.2016  19:30-20:20  Room A
Should we support cultured meat?
PRESENTATION Chen Cohen Saturday, 10.09.2016  19:00-19:50  Room B
Single issue to reach animal liberation
PRESENTATION Malin Gustafsson Saturday, 10.09.2016  16:00-16:50  Room B
Starting a Save Group in your area - The importance of bearing witness
WORKSHOP Bradley Russel Friday, 09.09.2016  17:30-18:20  Room B
Sunday Morning Plenary
MORNING PLENARY Sunday, 11.09.2016  09:00-09:50  Room A
Tao of Poo: Working at a sanctuary for personal and spiritual growth
PRESENTATION Johnny Braz Friday, 09.09.2016  20:30-21:20  Room A
The construction of attitudes towards animals on the example of the Estonian fur industry
(a critical animal studies research project)
PRESENTATION Kristina Mering Sunday, 11.09.2016  12:00-12:50  Room A
The importance of direct action
PRESENTATION Karl Häggroth, Richard Klinsmeister Saturday, 10.09.2016  11:00-11:50  Room B
The moral blind spots in the animal rights community
PRESENTATION Stijn Bruers Friday, 09.09.2016  12:00-13:20  Room B
Understanding carnism for effective vegan advocacy
PRESENTATION Melanie Joy Saturday, 10.09.2016  11:00-11:50  Room A
Vegan volunteering, the Vervet Monkey Foundation, South Africa
PROJECT PRESENTATION Josie Du Toit Saturday, 10.09.2016  15:30-15:50  Room B
Why are people so morally inconsistent when it comes to animals?
PRESENTATION Simon Gerlach Thursday, 08.09.2016  16:00-16:50  Room B
Why the future will be vegan
PRESENTATION Tobias Leenaert Saturday, 10.09.2016  10:00-10:50  Room A
Wild animal suffering: Why 99% of wild animals die as babies already, and what we can do about it
PRESENTATION Stefan Torges Friday, 09.09.2016  16:30-17:20  Room B

Some general information about the program

All presentations and workshops are scheduled to have a 10 minute break until the next session, so that there is enough time to take a short break and switch to another room.

note: all information on this web site is subject to change as the conference planning proceeds
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