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Alfie Moon

Alfie Moon

I have been an active campaigner on a broad range of issues since I was 16 years old.

I have been involved in campaigning against apartheid, nuclear weapons and nuclear power and have been in the front line against racism, road building and all forms of animal abuse.

Since 2000 I have mainly concentrated on the issue of hunting, including culling. I am an active sab. I disrupt hunts anything up to three times per week during the hunting season. I have been seriously injured by hunt violence on four occasions. I am the information officer of the Hunt Saboteurs Association, which includes the roles of education and international affairs. I am the group contact for South London wildlife Group, which includes Croydon, Brixton and Kingston sabs, and co-founder of the Hunt Saboteurs Global Network.

I also run a small animal sanctuary.



Hunt saboteurs, hunt violence and dealing with the authorities