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Zoe Peled

Zoe PeledZoe Peled is a Marketing and Community Engagement Professional and CPT based in Vancouver, B.C. She received her BFA in Photography from Emily Carr University, with additional studies in Critical Theory, examining the positioning and terminology around animals. Her personal studies continue to examine animal/human relationships, which has led her to both speaking engagements and internationally published work (Antennae Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, UK.) Zoe is the co-founder of Ban Fur Farms BC and is a past Vancouver March To Close All Slaughterhouses co-organizer. Zoe has worked with the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition and has held board positions with Liberation BC and PEACE [People Ensuring Animal Care Exists]. She facilitates events and community relations for numerous local vegan businesses and founded the Vancouver Vegan Resource Centre (VVRC) in Fall 2018. Within activism, Zoe prioritizes the use of direct action, non-violent civil disobedience, and strives to re-define [and broaden] the concept of animal activism as a whole.


panel discussion:
The end of fur farming: An international panel discussion







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