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Stephan Gelenscher

Stephan Gelenscher

Stephan Gelenscher is an animal rights activist and trainer for video editing. He found his way from Buddhist teachings into animal rights activism.

After spending some years with animal rights activism, he started digging deeper into activism itself. He spent most of his time with outreach while studying the history of peace movements and other activist groups to find ways to implement what he found to be more effective with animal rights.

He tries to implement more coaching-based approaches in outreach and supporting others to learn new techniques and refine their skills. While also setting a big focus on working with and preventing burnout and STSD/PTSD in Activism. How to support each other, helping us to grow and become better versions of ourselves.

Recently he founded a new chapter of Activists for the Victims, where he tries to find kinder ways to deal with fellow humans.



workshop - not recorded and not online:
No more beef
A workshop on nonviolent communications

The cows of Hohenwart - relaxing footage of a kinder world







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