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Sarah Heiligtag

Sarah HeiligtagSarah Heiligtag, a Swiss philosopher who has taught ethics at schools and universities, decided in 2013 to found a sanctuary and school of ethics in the midst of rescued farmed animals. While the sanctuary is known for its educational work, it also focuses on growing food, not feed, as part of the change. As an AR activist and (philosophical) farmer Sarah holds the position that sustainable change can be achieved by transforming farms into organic vegan farms. While we all talk about the need for change, we easily forget that our food will always have to come from agriculture, and only if change sets in there can we overcome animal agriculture. Moreover, farmers need to see the chance of this nonviolent way of working the land instead of being threatened by the vegan idea. So while we want to abolish animal exploitation, we need to show how this new type of agriculture can take its place. In 2018 Sarah started to coach farmers into change, thereby rescuing thousands of animals and transforming the farms into places that grow food for humans directly. This ecologically and ethically sustainable way of farming is now known by the term transFARMation. Sarah is currently helping to set up transFARMation Germany.



TransFARMing agriculture
Rescuing animals with the goal of perennial change







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