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Ronen Bar

Ronen Bar

Ronen Bar is the co-founder and executive director of Sentient. He is an award-winning journalist who worked at Israeli television's top investigative news magazine programs. As an animal rights activist for the last 16 years, Ronen founded the investigation team of Anonymous for Animal Rights (today called Animals Now) and was its manager. He worked as an undercover investigator and executed investigations into factory farming and slaughterhouses in Australia, Israel, Paraguay, and more, including campaigns against the biggest meat brands. The investigations were publicized in the Israeli and worldwide press, triggering broad public debates. They caused a decrease in meat consumption of big brands, temporary shutdowns of slaughterhouses, criminal lawsuits, class actions, legislation change, the formation of a special governmental committee, and the first criminal conviction due to farmed-animal abuse in Israel.

"I devote my life to fighting crimes against animality. My goal is to communitize – share in a structured, lasting manner – valuable knowledge for animal rights activists and promote a worldview that recognizes the individual sentient being as well as large-scale atrocities. I recon developing new terminology is a must to accompany a sentient-centric narrative", says Ronen


What is the story of planet earth?

Camera On Animal - A new kind of undercover investigation method that anyone can do







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