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Magdalena Gschnitzer

Magdalena Gschnitzer

Maggy is a South Tyrolean activist, author, speaker, and filmmaker. Twelve years ago, she began diving, where she fell in love with this world again. As a tourist diver, she flew to Thailand, and as an activist, she turned back home. The emotional encounter with a grouper changed her life forever. Today Maggy is convinced that this grouper was there to put a seed in Maggy's heart. And she chose to help it grow.

Since that day, Maggy has felt a deep connection with the ocean, nature, and animals. So she started organizing beach clean-ups, removing ghost nets from the ocean, became a volunteer for several organizations such as Sea Shepherd, and created her own campaigns. From kindergartens to schools, universities, and communities, she gave more than 850 speeches and workshops about ocean conservation, animal and human rights, a plant-based diet, and the courage to follow your heart. Maggy wrote two books, one a vegan cookbook, and in the other, she shares stories of her life as an activist and personal growth.

In her activism, Maggy played the role of a diver, underwater camera, drone pilot, media officer, editor, vegan chef, deckhand, coral propagation trainer, and teamleader.

Maggy has this strong belief that every single person can make a difference: "Our daily choices are creating an immense impact, and we have the possibility to choose differently every single day. Let's make wiser choices! Let's connect to protect!" Right now, she is working on a documentary about HOPE. She knows to hope alone isn't enough. What it needs to make hope visible is courage and the will for change.

Maggy is the founder of the association Project HOPE and also the co-founder and coordinator of the SANUSPLANET Foundation. With this foundation, she supports many organizations worldwide financially.



Everyone can change the world
From ocean conservation to personal growth







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