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Lia Rodehorst

Lia Rodehorst

Lia Rodehorst is an inspiring speaker and advocate for social justice, with a particular focus on animal rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, and disability justice. As a research communications specialist, she combines her passion for science with her dedication to making a positive impact in the world.

Lia is deeply committed to promoting inclusivity within the animal rights movement. Recognizing the interconnectedness of social justice issues, she advocates for an intersectional approach that acknowledges and addresses the overlapping systems of oppression affecting members of marginalized communities – both as activists and target groups of our activism.

Being both queer and disabled, Lia brings a unique perspective to her work as an activist. She has been a vegan since 2014 and an animal rights activist since 2016. Lia focuses on building bridges between different communities. She is passionate about creating a future where social justice movements work together, recognizing that the fight for equality and justice is interconnected and that we can only succeed if we stand united.


Embracing diversity
Building an intersectional and inclusive animal rights movement







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