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Justine Rist

Justine RistJustine Rist is a French plant-based chef and pastry chef, who recently finished her season in Aufatmen, Leutasch, which got elected best veggie-friendly hotel in Austria. After getting traditional training in gastronomic restaurants (One Michelin Star) in Alsace (France), she discovered plant-based cooking – and its environmental and social benefits – while traveling and working in restaurants across the world, including Australia, Japan, China, Mexico, and Nepal. She hasn't stopped exploring all the richness and creativity of plant-based cuisine since and firmly believes it constitutes the perfect solution to address the different issues facing restaurants today and in the future. Now, Justine shares her enthusiasm and experience as a trainer and a consultant for restaurants and her fellow chef colleagues seeking to reduce their carbon footprint with delicious and gourmet plant-based cuisine.



Inspiring chefs to cook plant-based food or activism through food







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