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Joffrey Legon

Joffrey Legon

Joffrey has been active as an animal rights activist for several years in which, through a wide range of operations, he has accumulated a great deal of knowledge, experience, and insights. Despite having faced criminal charges, he retains his rock-solid sense of justice and continues using critical thinking and his strong voice to create awareness about how we treat other sentient individuals.

He now works as a campaign coordinator at Animal Rights Belgium, where he stands up for the interests of wild animals. He sensitizes society about the cruelty of hunting through investigative work and the display of raw footage gathered while leading the organization's Hunt Saboteurs team, which aims to save animals during hunting activities.

One moment suited up in court, the next boots deep in the field, he intends not only to reach social awareness but effectively change laws in favor of the animals.


How can we end hunting worldwide?







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