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I have been active in a German animal rights organization called SOKO Tierschutz for 8 years now. We do undercover investigations in slaughterhouses, animal laboratories, farms, etc. Since I started with animal rights activism, my main interest has always been to completely understand and analyze the current situation of animal exploitation and to find alternative ways for agriculture. That`s why I have also been working in the research field for cultured meat and learning about biocyclic vegan agriculture. In addition to my more technical work to fight animal exploitation, I`ve always done street activism and organizing protests.

It is important to me that our movement is inclusive, fair, and actively works to avoid discrimination. We stand up for justice – so it only makes sense that we are also sensitive to racism, sexism, ableism, and other forms of discrimination.



workshop - not recorded and not online:
I don`t belong on a stage







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