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Faraz Harsini

Faraz Harsini

Dr. Faraz Harsini is a biomedical scientist and the CEO and founder of Allied Scholars for Animal Protection (ASAP). This non-profit supports students interested in advocating for animals and pursuing careers that can make the most difference. With ASAP, he leads the effort to build a comprehensive and sustainable infrastructure for animal advocacy in universities.

He is also a Bioprocessing Senior Scientist at the Good Food Institute, where he works on advancing scientific and technological methods to produce alternative proteins on a large scale.

Dr. Harsini's educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in chemical engineering, focusing on process design and nanobiotechnology. He also has a Master's degree in biotechnology and cancer research and a Ph.D. in Cell Physiology and Molecular Biophysics.

As a Protein Expression and Process Development scientist, he has extensive experience in discovering and developing therapeutic proteins for diseases such as COVID-19, influenza, cancer, and inflammatory diseases in the biopharmaceutical industry. Today, he leverages this experience to scale up alternative proteins and revolutionize the food system.

Dr. Harsini also collaborates with organizations like Physicians Committee to promote advanced and human-relevant alternatives to animal testing that are better for humans and animals.

Additionally, he leverages his personal experiences as an immigrant, first-generation college student, and LGBT community member to raise awareness about the interconnectedness of human and animal oppression.

Dr. Harsini believes that the root cause of many global issues affecting humans and animals is linked to the food system. Therefore, he aims to change the food system and support students to become future leaders in animal protection through ASAP.


Animal rights is a social justice movement and deserves to be treated as such!







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