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Enric Noguera

Enric Noguera

Enric is an animal and environmental rights activist with years of experience. He has participated in and organized various actions, from street outreach to pressure campaigns and civil disobedience. After obtaining his masters in international law, he started working at Global Animal Law GAL Association as a strategic advisor, an organization that pursues improvements in animal welfare through international legal mechanisms. He later moved to Our Planet, Theirs Too. (OPTT) a grassroots animal rights organization. Working for OPTT as global coordinator of the NARD (National Animal Rights Day) events, Enric and his team managed to double the number of events around the world and establish groups in over 40 countries in less than six months. This year he started working at The Save Movement as a campaign coordinator for the Plant Based Treaty project, aiming to reduce the number of animals exploited through our current food systems while tackling the environmental degradation that comes from animal agriculture.

During all these years, his side street activism has not declined. Among other things, Enric has been the organizer for the Amsterdam anti-fur group and has actively participated in the establishment of new groups around the continent. With the aim to strengthen and unite the European anti-fur movement, he contributed to the creation of a new umbrella organization, namely Abolish Fur Worldwide (AFW). All these groups work on the same campaigns and with the same strategies, making AFW a powerful force against the industry. As part of the efforts to abolish fur, successful actions were set up to gather signatures for the ECI (European Citizens Initiative), which, if passed, would end fur farming and fur sales in all EU member states. The ECI achieved the required number of signatures and is now at the negotiation table.


panel discussion:
The end of fur farming: An international panel discussion







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