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Els Van Campenhout

Els Van CampenhoutEls Van Campenhout started campaigning for rights for animals at the age of ten at the playground of ground school. She has been leading successful campaigns for the Netherlands- and Belgium-based Animal Rights organization for the past five years. Her main focus is the "stop the slaughter" campaigns in which the atrocities of animal agriculture are exposed through undercover work in barns and slaughterhouses. The footage has led to a dozen of court cases with successful convictions of slaughterhouses and animal abusers. Animal Rights works closely with mainstream media to ensure the undercover footage has a maximum impact, including putting pressure on politics to change laws in favor of the animals. For the past ten years, Els has helped at least hundreds of chickens from the egg industry to find new homes. In 2021 Els started her own micro sanctuary where she takes care of rescued chickens that need more intensive care and cannot be rehomed due to disabilities.








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