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Aàrou Aàrou is a PhD researcher at the University of Exeter, UK. Their research focuses on the intersection of anarchist and antispeciesist praxis: it investigates the generative potential of interactions between human and other than human animals in liberated ("autonomous") spaces to enable human individuals to learn and imagine new strategies for resistance and for undoing interlacing trans-species social, political and economic injustice. Their work is situated within critical/radical animal studies and queer theory and integrates elements of "care ethics". Aàrou is an activist for social justice; notably radical antispeciesism, but also feminism, antifascism, anticolonialism, lgbtq+, unhoused persons, and migrants` freedom from repression. They hold Master`s degrees in Political Science, International Relations and Anthrozoology, and have a professional background in humanitarian and public health communications, violence related to gender binarization, and armed resistance groups.



If we are not speciesist, what are we, and why?
Findings from an ethography of interspecies attempts to engage and relate in "nonspeciesist" ways in vegan animal sanctuaries

Direct action or dead: anarchy and radical intersectional animal liberation
A workshop to strategise interspecies and inter-struggle solidarity and how to become effective accomplices







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