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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Friday, 08.09.2017   16:30-18:20   Room B
Campaign Discussion: Street campaigning
Simon Anhut, Evgueni Kivman, Dennis Michaelis, Nicolas Thun

Campaign Discussions are a new concept, that we want to try at the IARC2017 for the first time. The goal of these slots is to enable activists that are involved in a certain topic, to present what they have been working on so far and the to discuss their approaches. If all goes well, these discussions will result in new ideas being developed or at least the foundations being laid to start international collaboration on developing new ideas to implement better campaigns in the respective areas.

This Campaign Discussion slot will focus on campaigns to reach a wider audience in the streets.

Since only some participants of the conference will be able to participate in this slot, the results of the discussion will be presented in the Morning Plenary on Saturday.










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