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Gerardo Tristan

Gerardo TristanGerardo Tristan / Wotko, is a Nahuatl, antispeciesist, queer activist and community organizer from Monterrey, Mexico with over 30 years of experience working on a wide range of social issue such as indigenous / lgbtq / animal rights and food justice. From working as a coordinator of an international students group volunteering in the mountains of central Mexico helping indigenous coffee cooperatives in the summer of 2002 to work as a collaborator at the Zapatista`s (EZLN) peace talk process during the spring of 1994, Gerardo has always been involved in vital issues in his country. In the fall of 2015 Gerardo founded Faunaccion in CDMX, the group`s mission is to empower activists and agents of change by providing them with education and relevant tools for their activism. Gerardo is also a co-founder of La Raza For Liberation and is currently working on two food justice projects: El Molcajete, a food education program on wheels in Mexico and The Chestnut Tree Reclamation Project in TN, USA. Gerardo is married to author/scholar/musician/professor Craig Womack. They live in Atlanta, GA with their furry rescued baby, Steven.



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