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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Faheem Jehan Zaib

Faheem Jehan Zaib

In the world of odd and a society where human are not getting their basic rights felt the pain and misery of animals and raised voice for their rights. He is the founder of Voice of Animals Foundation (VOAF). The main objective of VOAF is breaking the old typecasts regarding animal welfare and rescue and providing them a protective, secure and happy living. Being pioneer of Animals Rescue in Pakistan he has worked with Rescue organizations and conducted trainings and conferences on Animal Rescue and worked for the capacity building of rescuers in Pakistan regarding animal rescue. He took this initiative on his own and started a project of animal rescue so that in the case of emergency they can get help just like humans.

Being a motivational speaker he advocates for a society safer for animals. He is also working hard for introducing tough laws for animals protection in Pakistan.

He is motivating people to adopt animals and take the responsibility of their feed, medical and living that should be a happy living. He is working on educating the people that animals should also have a right of happy and secure living without any threats. He is working on providing shelters to the stray animals, thus raising voices for the welfare of stray animals.

In a world where people are feeding themselves with meat, he is the one who is breaking this drift and introducing a vegan lifestyle while facing many hurdles, glitches and heart-breaking proclamations. He is educating the people, specially students regarding animal welfare and their rights. In this regard, he is conducting seminars, workshops and lectures to bring this issue in limelight. He is also signing MOU`s with different organizations and institutes like universities, schools and colleges to promote and having an environment which is animal friendly. He is also providing consultancy to the universities to make their campuses animal friendly. This initiative has been taking first time in the history of Pakistan. He has also introduced an impressive trend of celebrating International days related to animals in Pakistan to create awareness regarding rights of animals and veganism.



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Respecting animal rights can ensure better human rights







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