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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Saturday, 09.09.2017   10:30-11:20   Room B
Respecting animal rights can ensure better human rights
Faheem Jehan Zaib

Since animals are the victims of fate in our society, we have been working for ensuring animal rights and caring for their feelings for last ten years. We started a comprehensive animal rescue effort first time in the history of Pakistan and coordinated with a major rescue service in Punjab.

But whenever we talk about the rights, feelings, care or rescue of animals everyone whether poor or rich, illiterate or educated, asks the same question: "Why are you talking about animal rights when human rights have not been fulfilled properly?"

That was the biggest challenge for us in our society, and we started a campaign for animal rights leading to human rights. Our hypothesis is that "Respecting animals rights can ensure better human rights". The IARC 2017 shall be a platform to present our learning and experiences from a society where ensuring human rights is a challenge and we are motivating and convincing people for better animal rights successfully.










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