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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Sunday, 10.09.2017   11:30-12:20   Room A
Hate Seaworld? It`s time to extend our concern to ALL captive wild animals
Liz Tyson

The 2013 release of the groundbreaking documentary, "Blackfish", resulted in a global backlash against SeaWorld and their keeping and breeding of orcas ("killer" whales) in captivity. Anti captivity campaigners around the world hoped that the "Blackfish Effect" might become the tipping point for members of the public to begin to question the ethical and animal welfare consequences of keeping animals in zoos more generally. But in the years since the documentary`s release, concern and campaigning has focused very narrowly on the case of cetaceans (whales and dolphins) held captive, with SeaWorld being singled out as "the bad guy". This presentation explores the extent to which the practices at SeaWorld, which have been widely condemned, are rife within the wider zoo industry. It is argued that reasons to boycott SeaWorld are also reasons to boycott any other zoo.




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