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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference


This is a preliminary version which is still subject to change. We still have a few slots available for workshops - so if you want to give a workshop, please contact us.

P= presentation    PD= panel discussion    D= discussion    W= workshop    R= report

Thursday, May 19th 2011

16:00-22:00     Registration & Infopoint open
17:00-22:00Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
17:00-18:30Welcome Reception with free snacks
18:30-19:00Opening Plenary
19:30-20:30PThe current state of the animal rights movement -
where are we and where are we heading?

Heiko Weber
20:30-21:30PTowards a consistent ethics of animal rights
Stijn Bruers
20:30-21:30PI'm vegan, because I hate animals. Rational reasons for being vegan.
Emil Franzinelli

Friday, May 20th 2011

09:00-19:00     Registration & Infopoint open
09:00-19:00Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
10:00-19:00Animal Rights Art Expo
08:30-09:30free breakfast snacks
09:00-10:00PAnimals and culture: perspectives from Africa
Kai Horsthemke
10:00-11:00PA walk on the wild side: the limitation of cultural rights?
Sarah Rutherford Smith
10:00-11:00PBecoming the demon: animal rights activism and the problem of violence
Chad Weidner
10:00-11:00PAnimal rights in art / Art in animal rights
11:00-12:30PFactory farming in Africa
Anteneh Roba
11:00-12:30PAnimal rights and human progress
Renate Brucker
12:30-14:00lunch break
14:00-15:30PThe revolutionary implications of animal standpoint theory
Steven Best
15:30-16:30PDVegan societies and their roles in the struggle for animal rights
Felix Hnat, Jeff Mannes, Christian Vagedes
15:30-17:30screening of Bold Native
16:30-17:30PSHAC campaign USA
Camille Hankins
17:30-18:30DQ&A session with the director of Bold Native
Denis Hennelly via Skype
17:30-18:30PAbout the obscenity of the chemical based agricultural animal (ab)use and its overcoming through the veganisation
Christian Vagedes
19:00-21:00dinner at Café ROCAS
20:00-23:00concert at Café ROCAS
Gina Simmons & The Nobodies + SoKo

Saturday, May 21st 2011

09:00-19:30     Registration & Infopoint open
09:00-19:30Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
09:00-18:00Animal Rights Art Expo
08:30-09:30free breakfast snacks
09:00-10:00PEvery journey towards freedom begins with a first step
Catriona Blanke
09:00-10:00WComputer security & privacy
Heiko Weber
10:00-11:30PCarnism: The psychology and ideology of eating animals
Melanie Joy
10:00-11:30DAnimal liberation: terrorism or civil disobedience?
Kai Horsthemke
11:30-12:30PThe Austrian trial
Felix Hnat
11:30-12:30PThe psychology of eating meat: guilt and social status
Stijn Bruers
12:30-14:00lunch break
13:30-14:00Solidarity Art Raffle
14:00-15:00PRepression of animal rights activism in the UK and USA
Camille Hankins, Brendan McNally
14:00-15:00PEating earth
Lisa Kemmerer
15:00-16:30PDReformist vs. abolitionist approach
15:00-16:30WEffective vegan advocacy
Melanie Joy
16:30-18:00PDDirect action vs. vegan outreach
16:30-18:00RAnimal rights in Africa
18:00-19:00PThe sexual politics of meat
Carol Adams via Skype
18:00-19:00RAnimal rights in Europe
19:00-21:00dinner at Café ROCAS
20:00-23:00concert at Café ROCAS
Tes + Albino

Sunday, May 22nd 2011

09:00-15:30     Registration & Infopoint open
09:00-15:30Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
08:30-09:30free breakfast snacks
09:00-10:00DLiving among meat eaters - how to relate to meat eaters on your life
Melanie Joy
10:00-11:00PApplying direct action
Camille Hankins
10:00-11:00PAnimal rights in a long term self interest. Rational reasons for the support of animal rights.
Emil Franzinelli
10:00-11:00RAnimal rights in Asia and America
11:00-12:00PAnarchism and animal liberation: convergence or incompatibility?
Jessica Gröling
11:00-12:00WVegan campaigning
Felix Hnat
12:00-13:00PAnimal liberation and moral progress: the struggle for human evolution
Steven Best
13:00-13:30Closing Plenary
13:30-15:00Closing Reception with free snacks

P= presentation    PD= panel discussion    D= discussion    W= workshop    R= report
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