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Sandra Göransson

Sandra GöranssonMe (Sandra) and my husband Magnus are parents of Alva (9 yo), Vilde (6 yo), and Elvis (4 yo). I am a social worker working with kids, but my true passion is working for animal rights. This was not certainly always the case. Prior to going vegan, we followed an LCHF diet and consumed loads of animal products. That rapidly changed when we discovered the impact meat has on the climate. Soon we also learned about the immense suffering the animals are forced to endure in the animal industry. That made me go and stay vegan, mainly for animal rights reasons. You can often find me with a camera in my hand, filming for our YouTube channel, or behind the computer editing the latest video. I often attend animal rights demonstrations and take every opportunity to speak up for animals. The local slaughterhouse in Linköping, Sweden, often gets visits from me and sometimes the rest of my family since we are active with Animal Save Movement. The IARC 2021 is my first international presentation.



Being a vegan family active for the animals in a non-vegan world







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