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Mich Dressel-MacFadden

Mich Dressel-MacFadden

Mich is passionate about animal liberation and languages.

She is an activist for the German anti-vivisection organization Ärzte gegen Tierversuche and for a project to help city pigeons. She participates in as many outreach information events as possible (e.g., with Peta2 or Activists for the Victims) because she strongly believes that dialogue and information can change the world for human and non-human animals. On a more practical level, Mich helps with rehoming animals wherever she can and you will always find the odd foster pigeon strutting around amongst the rescue rodents she shares her home with.

She hopes that her research into carnistic language patterns can help bring about the much needed change in the human perspective on non-human animals.



Speak up for animal liberation
How our everyday language helps the movement

Speak up for animal liberation - a discussion







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