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Jessica Smit

Jessica Smit

Jessica Smit comes from a family of farmers and grew up at an industrial duck farm in the east of the Netherlands. After helping out on her parents` farm in her childhood, she decided to quit meat for good at the age of 12. Since a young age she has always, against all odds, fought against injustice against animals and humans alike.

After working for a provincial department of the Dutch Party for the Animals, she became a volunteer for Animal Rights, an animal rights organization based in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since 2018 she is the campaign leader against hunting for this NGO. The "stop hunting" campaign focuses on legal procedures against hunting, changing the public opinion and exposing hunters and the suffering that comes along with hunting. With a team of dedicated hunt saboteurs, she goes regularly out in the fields to disrupt, and if not possible, film hunting parties. For now the team has focused on the geese hunt and pleasure hunt mostly.



Hunting myths and truths

An introduction to hunt sabs







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