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WORKSHOP (not recorded and not online)
Saturday, 04.09.2021   12:00-12:40  Central European Summer Time (CEST)   Room B
I don`t belong on a stage
Mariel, Hanna

We had been animal rights activists for years, learned about animal exploitation, visited workshops, written letters, organized demos, etc. But giving a speech? Phew, scary ... and there are people out there who can do it better, right? In the end, it was more of a coincidence that in 2019 we (Mariel and Hanna) gave a speech in front of hundreds at one of the biggest animal rights protests in Germany. But what was the reason that we couldn`t imagine doing that for years before? Why are there so few female speakers, YouTubers, etc., compared to their share of the movement? And what about other underrepresented groups? What effects could keeping diversity in mind have on our movement?

In this workshop, we will look into these questions and what the movement may be missing out on if we don`t all speak, share, just try out, and encourage and support others to do the same.










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