International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

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Friday, 03.09.2021   21:00-21:40  Central European Summer Time (CEST)   Room A
If we are not speciesist, what are we, and why?
Findings from an ethography of interspecies attempts to engage and relate in "nonspeciesist" ways in vegan animal sanctuaries

In recent years speciesism has taken center stage as either the prejudice or ideology behind the interminable exploitation and killing of trillions of sentient beings – both in the academic sphere and, more and more, in the realm of praxis concerned with ending other than human oppression. This presentation describes the findings of ethographic research carried during 2019-2020 at a variety of vegan sanctuaries for animals other than humans to understand what happens when we really try to be nonspeciesist? Even where our attempts at a "prefigurative politics" in these spaces fail, there are glimpses of the potential for radical self-transformation: through the trials, failures, the undoings and redoings of complex interspecies entanglements. This presentation aims to convince that vegan sanctuaries, as well as spaces of refuge, rehabilitation and resistance, are critical spaces to help generate novel praxes for the wider movement to end animal exploitation.










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