International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

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Saturday, 04.09.2021   18:00-18:40  Central European Summer Time (CEST)   Room A
Paths to animal liberation
Jerry Vlasak

  • As long as humans continue to oppress, exploit, imprison, enslave and kill non-human animals for their own perverse pleasure or profit, there will be a movement to secure their freedom.
  • Members of this movement will span the spectrum from humane societies to political activists, letter writing and silent vigils, peaceful protests, and indeed to more revolutionary action including not only illegal sabotage and liberations but also forceful means to stop sadists who torture and kill innocent non-human animals as they seek their own profit and prestige.
  • Tactics and successes achieved by the use of more direct action on behalf of non-human animals will be illustrated and detailed, and critiques will be discussed.
  • The time has long passed for tolerance of animal abusers, just as we refuse to tolerate rapists, child molesters and other deviants in our society.










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