International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

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Friday, 03.09.2021   18:00-18:40  Central European Summer Time (CEST)   Room A
Why investigations are essential to our movement and how to get the most out of them through transformational storytelling
Rich Hardy via Zoom

Undercover investigations have been a success story within our movement. They`ve helped us expose the inherent cruelties of using animals for food, fashion, science, or entertainment. They require careful planning and can be costly, but they can fast-track an organization to a successful outcome. They provide activists with not just the evidence they need to create change, but they also connect activists directly with the animals they are working on behalf of – something rare when most of our work is generated from central office hubs with little or no day-to-day contact with animals.

Our tendency, however, is to tell one story – usually referencing the suffering, the cruelty, or the lawbreaking. But look beyond that, and you`ll discover other stories within an investigation, which have great worth in their own right. They are often overlooked or underused but can add weight to a campaign, help campaigners reach out to new audiences, drive organizations into new investigative work or just make you better campaigners by knowing more about how your adversaries think and feel.










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