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Friday, 08.09.2023   15:40-17:10  Central European Time (CET)   Room B
Personalized impact workshop

This workshop is for everyone looking for some opportunity and reflection to improve their impact on animal rights promotion and is suitable for both newbies as well as long-term activists. The total length of this workshop is roughly 90 minutes.


Intro: in groups of 5: (~ 30 min)

  1. Self-introduction (Name, where are you from, current state of mind/ expectation/ how you feel) ~ 1,5 min each
  2. Brainstorm what high-impact approaches you know of that could / are currently having a great impact on enhancing protection and acknowledgment of animal rights. Is there systematic evidence (research) supporting this assessment? (10 min - It's about getting ideas, not finishing the task)
  3. Discuss/Order those approaches according to needed skills, impact, and potential downsides. (10 min - It's about getting ideas, not finishing the task)

Now split according to your preferences:

Group 1: for people seeking feedback (~ 30 min)

  1. Whoever wants to: Share / Exchange what is your current approach (1,5 min each) + Why is this your current approach
    One minute to think about it quietly, then 1,5 min each (~10 min)
  2. Brainstorm collaboratively how listed approaches could be altered to improve / enhance / safe impact. (15 min)

Group 2: for critical analyses and self-reflection (~ 30 min)

  1. Develop 3-5 alternative approaches/things you could do within the next 6 months that could enhance protection and acknowledgment of animal rights. (10 min)
  2. Exchange in the group about those options (10 min)
  3. Write a narrative about how exactly you would go about two of these approaches. (Chose according to your preference or potential impact) (5-10 min each)

End round - all together, whoever wants to share: (~ 15 min)

  1. What was valuable during the session for you?
  2. How do you feel now after the session?
  3. What else comes to mind you'd like to share?










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