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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Karolina Skowron

Karolina SkowronKarolina Skowron, the executive director of Akcja Demokracja, the biggest multi social justice issue non-governmental organization in Poland. Previously the director of the Polish branch of The Albert Schweitzer Foundation whose mission is to end factory farming. The founder of the Animal Center, an informal organization connecting the animal rights and feminist movements in Poland. A member of the main council of The Women`s Congress, one of the oldest Polish feminist organizations and a member of the committee of the Equality Parade in Poland. The co-founder and main expert of the Polish Parliamentary group dedicated to the welfare of farmed animals. The founder and president of the Vegan Ladyboss group in Poland, consisting of over 100 women dedicated to animal rights. One of the two co-founders of the Connections Alliance.



Pre-Conference Presentation:
Presenting the Connections Alliance
for an animal rights movement engaged in social justice issues