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Pablo Moleman

Pablo Moleman

Pablo Moleman is one of the founders of Viva Las Vega`s, a Dutch organization working on positive and effective vegan outreach. He is now coordinator of the organization`s corporate outreach campaign, which strives for a market transition from an animal-based to a plant-based food industry.

Before, Pablo has worked on Viva Las Vega`s "30-day VeggieChallenge" campaign, and was co-author of the Dutch best-selling vegan book "De Vegarevolutie". He was a political assistant in the European Parliament for the Party for the Animals, and campaigner for Pigs in Peril (Varkens in Nood). Pablo studied biology and environmental economics at VU University Amsterdam.



From cage-free to egg-free. It`s time for vegan corporate outreach







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