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Marloes Boere

Marloes Boere

Raised on a dairy farm, as a child, the idea that humans had the right to exploit other animals seemed self-evident. Partly because of her philosophy studies she started to question the speciesist indoctrination she was brought up with. Eventually, this led her to become an animal rights activist and to devote her life to abolishing animal agriculture. Through sharing her own experience, informing students about animal agriculture and providing them with philosophical arguments, Marloes visits classrooms to enable students to question their own speciesism. She is executing this work as an education coordinator at Viva Las Vega`s, a vegan outreach organization in the Netherlands.

As well as working for Viva las Vega`s, Marloes has a Master degree in Philosophy and works as a trainer in debating skills.



Resolving resentment towards carnists







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