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Ksenija Vesenjak Kutlačić

Ksenija Vesenjak Kutlačić

From hands on experiences and practice I will explain and introduce the problem of aging/unwanted/rescued animals which are developing medical conditions that are a direct result of genetic selection/manipulation aimed at increasing farm "market value" meaning "productivity and profitability" of animals in captivity. In this process the shortcomings of veterinary science are revealed, namely, when it comes to farm animals their focus is on the prevention and "market value" of animals not to care/cure of so called farm animals. Koki Sanctuary has introduced new paradigms for the veterinary practice concerning farm animals in Slovenia (use of medicine and treatment).

As a graduate of University in Ljubljana I was always interested in fieldwork and inventive approaches to contemporary challenges. My thesis was conducted in Tasmania. As the founder of Koki Sanctuary Slovenia, I take care for 69 rescued animals. Our mission is to provide physical care for the rescued animals, restore their overall wellbeing and dignity, and enable them to live the rest of their lives in freedom and peace. The sanctuary is responsible for pioneering educational programs about "farm" animals, through which we raise awareness about these animals` intrinsic needs, phylogenetically normative lifestyles, and psycho-physical health.



Postmodern life: Produce, profit or perish







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