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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Katerina Vidner Ferkov

Katerina Vidner Ferkov

I am dedicated to uncovering the hidden layers of our society through progressive journalism and activism. My interest is especially the interconnectedness of neocolonialism, neoliberalism and other postmodern forms of slavery that consider animals, humans and plants.

My primary field of interest is women and gender studies. I was involved as a researcher and organizer at international festivals such as City of Women and Break 21. My BA, MA and doctoral studies were focused on understanding the postmodern position of women in the context of consumerist society.

In 2010 I became actively involved in promoting animal rights and vegan movement. Since 2015 I volunteer as a senior advisor for Koki Farm Animals Sanctuary in Slovenia. As an anthropologist I seek to understand and expose the conditions of our lives that are rooted in cultural patterns and modes of exploitation for profit. I regularly write for the general public and engage in media debates regarding issues involving animals and their living conditions as well as human rights.



Postmodern life: Produce, profit or perish







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