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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Kaleem Malik

Kaleem MalikKaleem Malik is an animal lover. He started to work for the welfare of animals at a very young age and took many initiatives for the safety of animals at his own. His main interest is to provide basic rights of safety, protection and shelter to the animals. He truly believes that all the creatures have the right to live happily in this world whether they are animals or humans. Kaleem Malik is the vice president of Voice of Animals Foundation (VOAF) which is the leading NGO in Pakistan when it comes to animal rights. This NGO is actively participating in the statutory procedure and social efforts specially designed to promote the basic rights of animals in Pakistan. This NGO is a prominent name when it comes to animal rescue in Pakistan. The foremost objective of the NGO is to spread the awareness regarding animal protection and rights in Pakistan. In this regards many events, functions, seminars and awareness lectures have been conducted. Kaleem Malik has visited Kenya to present a report regarding Pakistan and observe environment and closely experience the wildlife mammals and reptiles. He also gained the practical experiences in Kenya to understand the importance of natural habitation and psychology of animals.



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