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Jessica Postelmans

Jessica Postelmans

Not very long after having started a job in the corporate world, she realized this was not where she belonged. She started courses to become a dog trainer, switched jobs becoming responsible for an education program where children were taught how to behave around dogs and finally she completed a postgraduate in companion animal behavior.

Along the way she became vice president of Helping Dogs, a Belgian dog adoption organization, quarantine manager at a Dutch shelter and a foster home for dogs. Noticing a huge gap between what we think we know about dogs and cats and what we should know, she founded Monsieur Gustave. Monsieur Gustave believes that creating awareness among those caring for companion animals as well as everyone with an interest in them, could make a difference in the lives of so many dogs and cats.

Besides her work with companion animals Jessica promotes veganism by being an animal rights activist.










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