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Thursday, 07.09.2017   15:00-15:50   Room A
VegOresto or how can you eat vegan in restaurants
Laurie , Kristina

VegOresto is an initiative launched by L214 in January 2015. Its purpose is to convince all catering establishments to add at least one vegan option on their daily meal. Once they add this vegan option, VegOresto helps promote their action.

As members of the VegOresto network, restaurants enjoy wide exposure via the website, the mobile web application, our large audience on social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram, as well as a VegOresto window sticker to further increase their visibility.

The general public can access the VegOresto website and easily find vegan-friendly restaurants around them, and stay up-to-date regarding the latest members of the VegOresto network in their neighborhood or city.

To motivate chefs in more traditional restaurants to add vegan options, VegOresto can propose a challenge to chefs : elaborate a 100% plant-based menu for a one-off vegan themed dinner party at their restaurant while the VegOresto team takes care of the entire organization (reservations, social media event and communication, etc). 160 chefs in 35 cities in France have already successfully completed the vegan challenge and as a result more than half of them have added a plant-based alternative to their menu, joining VegOresto`s ever growing network. As of May 2017 VegOresto`s network has 760 addresses (and counting!) all over France.




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