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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Sunday, 10.09.2017   13:30-14:20   Room A
Sustaining your activism (How to prevent burn out)
Christine Garcia-Kelly

For those of us that are sensitive to exploitation, we are in a very emotional movement. And each one of us, in our consciousness, takes in – and may hold – a lot of pain. I know that I do hold a lot of pain: a lot of images, a lot of videos, a lot of stories about the atrocities towards animals. I want to share the tools I have learned to keep on in this very heart-wrenching movement. This is a long distance marathon that we are in for the animals and we can`t lose even one of us. Each one of us is very important and needed. This session is about how to keep your passion alive, how to keep your flame alit, how to keep your energy each day and how to face this world each morning – with the work we need to do ahead of us.




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