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David Pedersen

David Pedersen

David Pedersen is an experienced speaker, campaigner and he is very passionate about the entrepreneurial and business aspects of the movement. (Mis?)guided by the saying "an expert is a person, who has made every possible mistake in a given field", his experiential repertoire encompasses, amongst other things, the founding and dismantling of a small and non-influential vegan import business, successfully implementing meat free days at 3 major universities as well as several companies and other institutions, several opinion pieces in news papers and other media-related appearances, a vegetarian training course for a butcher`s association and in general "suiting up" for the animals whenever needed.

Rising through the dusty inertia of a bachelor`s degree in philosophy, focused on animal ethics, now mastering in Philosophy and Business Management, specializing in entrepreneurship, branding of plant-powered products and with a passion for the business elements of the transition towards a more humane and sustainable diet.



Marketing and Meat-a-physics: Managing an appetite for meaning in modern consumer society







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