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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

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List of Presentations/Workshops/Discussions

"Stop forcing veganism on children": veganism as a source of moral panic in Estonia
PRESENTATION Kadri Aavik Friday, 08.09.2017  17:30-18:20  Room A
Animal rights on the frontpage - How to do media work effectively
WORKSHOP Toby Schionning Friday, 08.09.2017  12:30-13:20  Room B
Animals in the South of Europe; focus on Portugal and Spain
Beyond animal agriculture: vegan organic food production as a cornerstone for transformation in agriculture
PRESENTATION Daniel Mettke Saturday, 09.09.2017  15:30-16:20  Room A
Campaign Discussion: Anti-Vivisection
DISCUSSION Paula Brügger, George Guimaraes, Jimmy Lester Saturday, 09.09.2017  18:00-19:50  Room C
Campaign Discussion: Reaching young people
DISCUSSION Fatma Biltekin, Robin Drastig, Ruth Hawe, Sebastian Lenz, Burak Özgüner, Ondine Sherman Thursday, 07.09.2017  18:30-20:20  Room B
Campaign Discussion: Street campaigning
DISCUSSION Simon Anhut, Evgueni Kivman, Dennis Michaelis, Dietrich Rink, Nicolas Thun Friday, 08.09.2017  16:30-18:20  Room B
Connecting the catastrophes: Animal rights and climate change
PRESENTATION Kristina Giovanetti Thursday, 07.09.2017  19:30-20:20  Room A
PRESENTATION Jessica Postelmans Sunday, 10.09.2017  12:30-13:20  Room B
Early Intervention Network: Striking at the roots of animal exploitation
PRESENTATION Jens Tuider Thursday, 07.09.2017  16:00-16:50  Room A
Empty Cages
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Martin Smedjeback Friday, 08.09.2017  11:30-12:20  Cinema
Even words bleed: Powerful advocacy through storytelling
PRESENTATION Indra Lahiri Friday, 08.09.2017  19:30-20:20  Room A
Friday Morning Plenary
MORNING PLENARY Fatma Biltekin, Lucy Wairimu Gathigo, Burak Özgüner Friday, 08.09.2017  09:30-10:20  Room A
From cage-free to egg-free. It`s time for vegan corporate outreach
PRESENTATION Pablo Moleman Saturday, 09.09.2017  14:30-15:20  Room B
From public indignation to animal liberation
PRESENTATION Mathias Elrød Madsen Sunday, 10.09.2017  10:30-11:20  Room B
Get informed, get mad and get active for farmed animals
PRESENTATION Jenny Brown Saturday, 09.09.2017  14:30-15:20  Room A
Hate Seaworld? It`s time to extend our concern to ALL captive wild animals
PRESENTATION Liz Tyson Sunday, 10.09.2017  11:30-12:20  Room A
How the Nonhuman Rights Project fights for the rights of nonhuman animals
PRESENTATION Steven Wise Friday, 08.09.2017  10:30-11:20  Room A
How to create a vegan world?
PRESENTATION Tobias Leenaert Saturday, 09.09.2017  10:30-11:20  Room A
How to finance full-time animal rights activism
PRESENTATION Martin Smedjeback Thursday, 07.09.2017  18:30-19:20  Room A
How to screen videos in the streets with a small budget
WORKSHOP Evgueni Kivman, Dietrich Rink Friday, 08.09.2017  10:30-11:20  Room B
How vegans can create healthy relationships and communicate effectively
PRESENTATION Melanie Joy Saturday, 09.09.2017  11:30-12:50  Room A
How we achieved the fur farm ban in Czechia
PRESENTATION Marek Voršilka Saturday, 09.09.2017  19:00-19:50  Cinema
How we can use the law of attraction in the animal rights movement
PRESENTATION Beata Ciupinska Friday, 08.09.2017  20:30-21:20  Room A
Ireland`s Fur Trade (2017)
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Laura Broxson Friday, 08.09.2017  12:30-13:30  Cinema
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Mick McIntyre, Kate McIntyre Clere Friday, 08.09.2017  19:30-21:20  Cinema
Karl Marx, animal rights and the revitalization of utopia
PRESENTATION Tobias Rein Friday, 08.09.2017  20:30-21:20  Room B
Marketing and Meat-a-physics: Managing an appetite for meaning in modern consumer society
PRESENTATION David Pedersen Friday, 08.09.2017  11:30-12:50  Room A
Never give up: Tearing down the wall, expose vivisection
WORKSHOP Jimmy Lester Thursday, 07.09.2017  17:30-18:20  Room B
Open Discussion Slot 1
DISCUSSION Friday, 08.09.2017  19:30-20:50  Room C
Open Discussion Slot 2
DISCUSSION Saturday, 09.09.2017  16:30-17:50  Room C
Overcoming moral inconsistency - how psychology can help us become more effective
PRESENTATION Simon Gerlach Thursday, 07.09.2017  17:30-18:20  Room A
Overlapping oppressions: How we all contribute, how we all can help
PRESENTATION Lisa Kemmerer Saturday, 09.09.2017  19:00-19:50  Room B
Postmodern life: Produce, profit or perish
Anthropological perspectives from vegan activism fieldwork
PRESENTATION Katerina Vidner Ferkov, Ksenija Vesenjak Kutlačić Friday, 08.09.2017  16:30-17:20  Room A
Resolving resentment towards carnists
Philosophy as support for becoming more compassionate activists
PRESENTATION Marloes Boere Saturday, 09.09.2017  15:30-16:20  Room B
Respecting animal rights can ensure better human rights
PRESENTATION Faheem Jehan Zaib Saturday, 09.09.2017  10:30-11:20  Room B
Rewilding rescued animals
DISCUSSION Ruth Hawe Friday, 08.09.2017  14:30-15:20  Room B
Sanctuary Yoga: Giving animals a good death & how we learn about ourselves
PRESENTATION Johnny Braz Sunday, 10.09.2017  10:30-11:20  Room A
Saturday Morning Plenary
MORNING PLENARY Kaleem Malik, Faheem Jehan Zaib Saturday, 09.09.2017  09:30-10:20  Room A
Sunday Morning Plenary
MORNING PLENARY Sunday, 10.09.2017  09:30-10:20  Room A
Supersize your appearance: Communication in street campaigning
WORKSHOP Nicolas Thun Friday, 08.09.2017  11:30-12:20  Room B
Sustaining your activism (How to prevent burn out)
PRESENTATION Christine Garcia-Kelly Sunday, 10.09.2017  13:30-14:20  Room A
The challenges, rewards, and importance of running animal rights societies at universities
PRESENTATION Ann Broadhurst, Aleesha Nagra, Connie Painting Friday, 08.09.2017  15:30-16:20  Room B
The current state of hunting and the ban in the UK
PRESENTATION Cassie James Saturday, 09.09.2017  18:00-18:50  Room B
The End of Meat
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Marc Pierschel Friday, 08.09.2017  16:30-18:20  Cinema
The End of Meat
MOVIE Saturday, 09.09.2017  11:30-13:10  Cinema
The evil empire of animal agriculture in Brazil
Social, environmental, and ethical aspects
PRESENTATION Paula Brügger Friday, 08.09.2017  15:30-16:20  Room A
The Last Pig
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Allison Argo Saturday, 09.09.2017  16:30-18:20  Cinema
The Last Pig
MOVIE Sunday, 10.09.2017  10:30-11:30  Cinema
The Save Movement: Bearing witness
PRESENTATION Amy Jean Davis Sunday, 10.09.2017  12:30-13:20  Room A
The Vervet Forest
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Frank Adames Saturday, 09.09.2017  14:30-16:20  Cinema
The Vervet Forest
MOVIE Sunday, 10.09.2017  11:30-12:50  Cinema
Thinking critically about wild animal suffering
DISCUSSION Stijn Bruers Saturday, 09.09.2017  11:30-12:50  Room B
Together we are strong: International campaigns for animal rights
PRESENTATION Simon Anhut Saturday, 09.09.2017  16:30-17:20  Room B
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Amy Jean Davis Friday, 08.09.2017  14:30-16:20  Cinema
Unlocking the Cage
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Steven Wise Thursday, 07.09.2017  18:30-20:20  Cinema
VegOresto or how can you eat vegan in restaurants
PRESENTATION Laurie Collon, Kristina Thursday, 07.09.2017  15:00-15:50  Room A
What to say about fishes and oceans: Confronting flesh-eaters and climate change
PRESENTATION Lisa Kemmerer Sunday, 10.09.2017  11:30-12:20  Room B

Some general information about the program

All presentations and workshops are scheduled to have a 10 minute break until the next session, so that there is enough time to take a short break and switch to another room.

note: all information on this web site is subject to change as the conference planning proceeds
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