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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

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List of Presentations/Workshops/Discussions

Please note that this list is far from complete yet and that there will still be many changes and additions in the next weeks.

10 things I changed my mind about in 20 years of vegan activism
PRESENTATION Tobias Leenaert Saturday, 07.09.2019  15:00-15:50  Room A
Activism On The Road and Save Training Institute
PRESENTATION Shivonne Engen Friday, 06.09.2019  10:30-11:20  Room A
Activist wellbeing: the connection between health and effective activism
PRESENTATION Shawna Weaver Saturday, 07.09.2019  10:30-11:20  Room B
An introduction to hunt sabs
WORKSHOP Jessica Smit Saturday, 07.09.2019  11:30-12:20  Room B
Anatomy of a story: telling your story for powerful advocacy
PRESENTATION Indra Lahiri Thursday, 05.09.2019  18:30-19:20  Room A
Angry vegan
How to stay friendly in an animal-unfriendly world
WORKSHOP Els Van Campenhout Thursday, 05.09.2019  16:00-16:50  Room B
Animal liberation and climate justice: joint struggle against animal production
PRESENTATION Fredi, Luna Friday, 06.09.2019  15:00-15:50  Room B
Animal rights, human rights and social justice
Analyzing veganism as a point of intersectionality of social movements
PRESENTATION Giovana Poker Friday, 06.09.2019  16:00-16:50  Room A
Animal testing: why is it inhumane for humans and not just animals?
PRESENTATION Jen Hochmuth Thursday, 05.09.2019  19:30-20:20  Room B
Becoming a vet: Education and training without animal experiments
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Nick Jukes Saturday, 07.09.2019  16:00-17:50  Cinema
Beyond the fence: An animal rights manifesto for film
PRESENTATION Stephen Marcus Finn Friday, 06.09.2019  16:00-16:50  Room B
Early Intervention Network
Strategies on engaging with and empowering the next generation
PRESENTATION Alexa Gnauck Friday, 06.09.2019  14:00-14:50  Room B
Friday Morning Plenary
MORNING PLENARY Cristina NiČ›u, Oleksandr Todorchuk Friday, 06.09.2019  09:30-10:20  Room A
From butcher to animal rights activist
PRESENTATION Peter Hübner Thursday, 05.09.2019  17:30-18:20  Room B
How not to go extinct
PRESENTATION Sailesh Rao Friday, 06.09.2019  19:00-19:50  Room A
How to change the opinion of the public, which has existed for centuries?
PRESENTATION Oleksandr Todorchuk
How to think big
PRESENTATION Markus Böhning, Inga Laube, Andreas Setzer, Caroline von Schwerin Friday, 06.09.2019  20:00-20:50  Room A
How to use your cellphone to create a vegan world
PRESENTATION Jane Velez-Mitchell Thursday, 05.09.2019  16:00-16:50  Room A
How we stopped the use of animals in the circuses in Romania
PRESENTATION Remus Cernea Friday, 06.09.2019  11:30-12:20  Room A
Humane education and alternatives to animal experiments
PRESENTATION Nick Jukes Sunday, 08.09.2019  11:30-12:20  Room A
Hunting myths and truths
DISCUSSION Susan Hartland, Jessica Smit Friday, 06.09.2019  17:00-17:50  Room B
Improving animal welfare in a developing country
Re-introducing Bali Heritage Dogs to the Balinese
PRESENTATION Agra Utari Sunday, 08.09.2019  10:30-11:20  Room B
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Friday, 06.09.2019  16:00-17:50  Cinema
Liberation`s rainbow
Recognizing interconnections and building alliances between LGBTQIA*, feminism and animal liberation
PRESENTATION India Kandel, Daniela Zysk
Looking to the past to guide us into the future
PRESENTATION Cameron Blewett Friday, 06.09.2019  10:30-11:20  Room B
Mission impossible?
How you achieve a change where it seems to be hopeless
PRESENTATION Marion Löcker Sunday, 08.09.2019  11:30-12:20  Room B
Mobilizing moms
Harnessing the power of parents in the fight for healthier menus
PRESENTATION Audrey Lawson-Sanchez Thursday, 05.09.2019  15:00-15:50  Room B
Open Discussion Slot
DISCUSSION Saturday, 07.09.2019  16:00-17:20  Room B
Open Discussion Slot
DISCUSSION Saturday, 07.09.2019  19:30-20:50  Cinema
Outside the animal rights bubble
PRESENTATION Stijn Scholts Sunday, 08.09.2019  12:30-13:20  Room B
Representations of other animals
About vegan turkey and voiceless animals
PRESENTATION Geertrui Cazaux Friday, 06.09.2019  14:00-14:50  Room A
Sanctuaries: a true healing, reassuring and recharging resource for animal rights activists
PRESENTATION Doina Badea Sunday, 08.09.2019  10:30-11:20  Room A
Saturday Morning Plenary
MORNING PLENARY Agra Utari Saturday, 07.09.2019  09:30-10:20  Room A
Self care
PRESENTATION Johnny Braz Friday, 06.09.2019  15:00-15:50  Room A
Self-happiness for animal rights activists
WORKSHOP Monique Kwakman Friday, 06.09.2019  20:00-20:50  Room B
Sometimes you win in 2 days: Waging corporate campaigns
PRESENTATION Ellie Donohue-Miller Friday, 06.09.2019  17:00-17:50  Room A
Sunday Morning Plenary
MORNING PLENARY Sunday, 08.09.2019  09:30-10:20  Room A
The Art Of Compassion Project
Truth, propaganda and personal stories
PRESENTATION Helen Barker, Philip McCulloch-Downs, Sara Sechi Friday, 06.09.2019  14:00-14:50  Stalls Room 2
The ferocious power of nonviolence
How to best harness the potential of nonviolence for animal liberation
PRESENTATION Martin Smedjeback Thursday, 05.09.2019  15:00-15:50  Room A
The psychology of power
PRESENTATION Melanie Joy Saturday, 07.09.2019  11:30-12:20  Room A
The vegan and the environmentalist
PRESENTATION Lisa Kemmerer Thursday, 05.09.2019  19:30-20:20  Room A
This talk is about a trigger word
PRESENTATION Lisa Kemmerer Friday, 06.09.2019  11:30-12:20  Room B
Transforming farms into sanctuaries
Real change for a real world
PRESENTATION Sarah Heiligtag Sunday, 08.09.2019  12:30-13:20  Room A
U.S. legal trends impacting animals
What about the animals?
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Friday, 06.09.2019  14:00-15:20  Cinema
Why should feminists fight for animal rights?
PRESENTATION Karolina Skowron Thursday, 05.09.2019  17:30-18:20  Room A
Why we need more anti-hunting campaigns
PRESENTATION Georg Prinz Thursday, 05.09.2019  18:30-19:20  Room B

Some general information about the program

All presentations and workshops are scheduled to have a 10 minute break until the next session, so that there is enough time to take a short break and switch to another room.

note: all information on this web site is subject to change as the conference planning proceeds
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