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Peter Hübner

Peter Hübner

Peter Hübner (born 1966 in Bremen) is an animal right activist. He`s former butcher and since some years vegan.

He`s well known as animal right activist with campaign like "#IchBinDabei – 5 former butchers against animal murders".

He shot undercover in zoos, circuses and farms, led several huge protests, writes animal rights articles for German newspapers and television programs.

The first media attention was his campaign against the Circus Voyage in 2017, that Peter accompanied with his team over 20 weeks through Germany and various criminal charges against the circus were filed. With his camera, the team around Peter documented many violations of animal transports. This campaign was carried to the lower house in Berlin.

Peter documents abuses in zoos and circuses and confronts political parties with his photographs.

As a former butcher, Peter also attacks the conditions in the meat industry.

Since 2018 he has been working as activist for ANIMALS UNITED e.V., a German animal rights NGO, best known for their anti-fur campaign (#LabelTod) and their huge protests against animals in circuses (#CircusOHNE).

Peter has given several speeches all over Germany.



From butcher to animal rights activist







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