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Catherine Besch

Catherine BeschOriginally from the Washington, DC area but living in Vietnam for over 6 years, Catherine (Cat) is a graduate of International Relations from American University with a M.A. in Emergency and Disaster Management. Cat used her experience working with animals in the US riding horses and managing stables to carry over to running an animal shelter and vet clinic in central Vietnam under the name Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue. Prior to living in Vietnam, her experience working internationally included Kosovo, Poland, and Mongolia with extensive travel in Asia and Europe. After co-founding the rescue shelter in Vietnam 5 years ago with a partner, she went on to split the organization to pursue animal rights education, open Vietnam`s only non-profit vet clinic and farm sanctuary, and work on mass sterilization and mobile clinics. Her interest lies in veterinary capacity building programs in developing countries as they are linked to the public health sector as well as the socio-political implications of the growing animal rights movement in Vietnam and other repressive regimes. She is currently working on her book, "Beyond Sheltering", which describes the problems with using shelters as a sole source of animal activism in countries lacking material, human, and financial resources to responsibly care for the animals while ignoring long term goals. Her shelter at home in Vietnam has lowered its residents now to 25 cats, 9 dogs, 2 pigs, and 2 chickens, though due to her sheltering having to close this year, many will be moving to Europe and Canada.



Beyond sheltering in Vietnam







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