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Agra Utari

Agra UtariAgra Utari is a Balinese who spent her whole 29 years in Bali and has always been impressed with animals especially Bali heritage dogs; Bali Dogs. She co-founded Yayasan Seva Bhuana, an non-profit organization based in Bali, Indonesia in 2016, after several years educating communities on the importance of animal care with a small group of women. She finished her master`s degree on English Education and put the theory into practice when she managed the school edu program and designed curriculum, syllabus and lesson plans for students in Bali about the importance of caring for animals around them. The education program ran through schools and communities, promoting basic pet care and animals as sentient beings. The latest campaign is to re-introduce Bali Dogs as heritage dogs after rabies outbreak along with new 2019 project to hold workshop for elementary school teachers in implementing animal welfare into public school curriculum.



morning plenary:
Saturday Morning Plenary

Improving animal welfare in a developing country
Re-introducing Bali Heritage Dogs to the Balinese







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